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5_acres_of_fear's Journal

5 Acres of Fear
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for fans of the band 5 Acres of Fear
5 Acres of Fear started as a Surf/Punk/Experimental band that formed in San Francisco in 2006. The lineup consisted of Guy Garrison (bass), Pete Sciacca (guitars), P-Ratt, (drums), and Nate Huggins (guitars, vocals, keys). Their style reflected a large range of influences, including Dick Dale inspired surf tunes, punk rock, Spanish guitars, metal, and just plain weirdness. The band recorded many studio tracks in a short amount of time, including extensive work with Willie the Mailman of Grave Brothers Deluxe. Guy Garrison left the group in October 2006 in order to move to Seattle, Washington.

At the time, that seemed like the end of the band, but the other three members reconciled and found a new bassist (Mason Denny) in 2007. Mason played a few live dates with the band and recorded some bass and lead guitar tracks to the as yet unnamed 2 5AoF album. Mason left the band in early 2008.

After another lay off of a few months the 3 fears, nate,pete and niveK, decide to pick up where they left off. joining the line up is Jack Drake on bass. Jack brings with him a songwriting talent and great vocal skills. jack breaths new life into the band.

The rest of the story is as of now unwritten.

Photo: original lineup, circa 2006

Sounds like: the sound of an eye being removed with a dull spoon, no anisthetic

Influences: Severed limbs, shrieks of sheer agony, a bubbling brook...(of blood), headless goats, my Uncle Jerry.

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